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1 Innovative animated content like never before –
The program explains the main concepts using animated real life scenarios, which provides you the power of visualization and makes the learning not only interesting but far more effective and fun.
After explaining the key concepts with real life scenarios, the concepts are then reinforced with 2D/3D object animations and sample problems to cement them in the memory, so that you’ll never forget.
2 Self Assessment Quizzes
Now students can test their knowledge of topics, and sub-topics within, with the help of self assessment quizzes from a database of hundreds of questions ranging from easy to higher difficulty levels.
The quizzing module has been developed with a state-of-the-art interface. A student can also analyze various self-assessment quizzes taken in the past and the time taken to complete the quiz.
3 All India Exams
Overcoming geographical limitations, TitansUnited provides an apical testing platform to compete and test the skills among all students across the nation. It also gives a great feature of state ranks along with the All India ranks, which is particularly useful for state board/competitive exams.
4 In Depth Performance Analysis
Testing, in itself, is insufficient if proper in-depth analysis is not done. TitansUnited provides a series of graphical representations to showcase the percentile, percentage marks and the accuracy of a student in each exam. A student can also analyze his/her past performance trends.
5 Clash of Titans
In the present scenario of immense competition, each student thrives to achieve the highest standards of excellence and be at the top. Clash of titans has been designed as a battleground where a student can challenge a higher ranked student and improve his/her All India ranking.
6 Discussion Forum
The place where the ideas flow, meet great minds and develop into a higher level of reasoning and understanding. The students can carry out the brainstorming exercises and gain from the expert opinions of the Achievers associated with the prestigious TitansUnited project.