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Character Animations for Concept Clarity
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Don and Elf while traveling on a railcart reflect the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum in different scenarios.
Newton's Laws of Motion
Jai and Veeru in their pursuit to break free from the jail demonstrate the three underlining laws of motion.
Free Body Diagrams
Jai and Veeru are stuck with a broken car. The various techniques that they adopt to pull the car help us in analyzing different force situations.
Planck's Equation
Virus teaches the concept of black-body radiation to Raju, Rancho and Farhan in his own style.
2D/3D Object Animation for Concept Reinforcement
The animation discusses the concept of electronegativity and gives a 3D visual of its trends in the periodic table.
Common Forces on a body
The animation showcases the common forces applied on the bodies by external agencies, and explains weight and normal reaction.
Electric Field Lines
The animation gives a visual representation of Electric Field lines that are very important to understand the effect of electrostatic force.